You Are the Pearl

This post was written by someone very dear, and it was such an encouragement to my heart!  I hope it speaks to you as well.  Please find the whole article at



Excerpt:  “Recently I gave a sermon on Matthew 13:44-46.  I wanted to post the basic manuscript here, as well as go deeper into the implications….


Many pastors today use this passage to say that we should sell everything for the kingdom of God.  They’ll say something along the lines of, “If you aren’t sold out for God’s kingdom 24/7, 365, then you aren’t really in love with Jesus,” or they’ll say, “To be a Christian is to give your all for God every moment of your life.”  (Or another one I hear all the time is “You must keep your eyes always fixed on Jesus.”) They’ll say that, just like the man in the parable, we need to go sell everything for God, literally or spiritually.  If we hold anything back, then we are doing it wrong.  These types of teachings club people over the head and guilt them into working harder to have a better Christian life.  This also “ironically” guilts people into coming back to hear that pastor speak about how to be sold out at all times for the kingdom of God.


Yet, This is not at all what the passage is saying.


Rather, this passage is saying “You are the pearl.”

In the same way, Jesus came down from heaven and gave everything to purchase us. He could have come as the Final Judge, and he would be just in doing so.  But instead, He chose to give His life – His all – for us.  He chose to purchase us, redeem us.”

3 thoughts on “You Are the Pearl

  1. Thank you for sharing these beautiful truths.
    Jesus is so consistent in His message to us- the false teachers are the ones who twist and confuse it.
    This is the kind of message believers need to hear.


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